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Posted: Fri-Nov-2017

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Germany coalition: Merkel and SPD to meet in new bid for deal
Germany's chancellor is to meet her ex-coalition partners, who have refused to renew their alliance. ... read more

Fresh Poland protests over judiciary reform
Thousands of people rally across Poland over proposed bills that they say threaten the rule of law. ... read more

Tiger shot in Paris after roaming streets
A circus tiger escaped and briefly roamed an area near the Eiffel Tower in the French capital. ... read more

Five Ukraine troops die in heavy fighting with Luhansk rebels
There has been a serious escalation of fighting in rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine. ... read more

US to stop arming anti-IS Syrian Kurdish YPG militia - Turkey
The US confirms making "adjustments" to support for Syrian groups, but does not name the YPG militia. ... read more

Oxford Circus Tube station: Pair sought over platform altercation
Sixteen people are hurt amid panicked scenes at Oxford Circus, as police probe a fight on a platform. ... read more

Brexit: May says positive vibe but EU warns of 'huge challenge'
But the EU says it will still be a "huge challenge" to move onto the next phase of talks next month. ... read more

Amazon workers on strike in Italy and Germany
Employees disrupt one of the retailer's busiest shopping days in disputes over pay and conditions. ... read more

Irish deputy PM no confidence motion could force election
The Irish government could collapse over a no confidence motion tabled against the deputy PM. ... read more

IRA bomb 'joke' deleted from Facebook
Relatives of victims of one of the worst atrocities of NI's Troubles are "deeply upset" over an episode of a US sitcom. ... read more

World's only particle accelerator for art is back at the Louvre
The world's only particle accelerator used in the analysis of art has undergone major refurbishment. ... read more

Finland rolls out bread made from crushed crickets
Insect-eating is common in many parts of the world. In the West, it is perceived as a niche diet. ... read more

World Hacks: How to deradicalise a Neo-Nazi
A former Nazi leader in Germany has developed a system to fight extremism. ... read more

Russian village complex where England team may stay
Russia hosts the 2018 Football World Cup; we've had exclusive access to England's preferred training base. ... read more

Nudist restaurant opens in Paris
Food for thought when "a clothed naturist is only thinking one thing: How quickly can I strip off?" ... read more

Ratko Mladic removed from war crime court after outburst
The former Bosnian Serb commander has been found guilty of genocide in the 1990s Bosnian war. ... read more

Fancy Bear threat
When notorious Russian hackers hired servers from a UK-registered company, they left a trove of clues. ... read more

Grenfell disaster
One man foresaw, very clearly, the risk of a devastating fire in Grenfell Tower. He wrote about it in a blog, but no journalists were there to follow it up. ... read more

Churchill challenge
The actor discusses his new film Darkest Hour (and his own chances of Oscars success). ... read more

Jumbled genders
The government steps into a growing row over gender equality in the French language. ... read more

North Korea replaces soldiers, plants trees and digs a trench at defection site
North Korea has replaced nearly all of the soldiers along the border where one of their former comrades defected, a South Korean lawmaker said Friday.
... read more

What defector's parasites reveal about conditions in North Korea
Parasitic worms and a chronic liver infection identified in a North Korean soldier who dramatically defected are providing clues into health conditions inside the secretive rogue state, experts said Wednesday.
... read more

US officials puzzled by lack of North Korean missile tests
US defense and intelligence officials are growing increasingly puzzled why Kim Jong Un has not tested a ballistic missile in nearly two months. And for now, as President Donald Trump travels through Asia, it does not appear another missile test is imminent.
... read more

American freed from N. Korean prison found burned to death
Police in San Diego are investigating the mysterious death of a man who made international headlines eight years ago when former US President Jimmy Carter helped negotiate his release from North Korea.
... read more

Ivanka Trump caught in White House-Tillerson tensions
Days ahead of what should be a major moment for Ivanka Trump on the world stage, CNN has learned Secretary of State Rex Tillerson isn't sending a high-level delegation to support her amid reports of tensions between Tillerson and the White House.
... read more

Trump says he 'took a pass' at being named TIME's person of the year
President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that he turned down a potential offer to be TIME Magazine's coveted "Person of the Year" after, Trump says, the magazine told him he would "probably" be given the honors.
... read more

Report: Manafort flew extensively to Russia
New flight records show that Paul Manafort traveled to Russia and Ukraine more extensively than previously known, McClatchy news reported Thursday.
... read more

Flynn stops sharing info with Trump lawyers
Michael Flynn's lawyers recently informed President Donald Trump's legal team that they are not able to discuss the investigation by the special counsel anymore, four people involved with the case told The New York Times.
... read more

IRS beefs up security for Trump tax returns
President Trump bucked tradition when he decided not to release his tax returns and now the IRS is going to unprecedented lengths to make sure they don't end up in the public eye. CNN's Cristina Alesci reports.
... read more

Head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau quits
... read more

The 13 most bizarre lines in Trump's Thanksgiving speech
President Donald Trump stopped by a local Coast Guard station in Florida on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving. While there, he gave a speech extolling the virtues of the Coast Guard "brand" and talking about how everything is now better thanks to, well, him.
... read more

Was this the last Black Friday?
... read more

Jeff Bezos is worth $100 billion, with a 'B'
If you're one of the millions shopping on Amazon on Black Friday, congratulations: You helped make Jeff Bezos a $100 billion man.
... read more

Macy's has issues with credit card system
... read more

JCPenney coupon change confuses many
... read more

235 dead in mosque attack, and Egyptian President vows to respond with 'brute force'
At least 85 people were killed in an attack on a mosque in Egypt's North Sinai region on Friday, Egyptian state-owned news agency MENA reported.
... read more

Report: Injured Derrick Rose takes leave to ponder his NBA future
... read more

NBA coach calls out Trump for attacks
Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr calls President Trump's comments on former NFL player Colin Kaepernick and other NFL athletes divisive and angry.
... read more

Pitt ends No. 2 Miami's unbeaten streak
... read more

Your sales guide to Cyber Monday
... read more

At least 235 killed during Friday prayers at mosque in Egypt
Images from inside the building showed dozens of bodies wrapped in blood-soaked cloth lined up on the floor of a mosque in North Sinai. ... read more

Flynn's legal team cuts ties to Trump lawyers
A member of Trump's legal team said that "no one should draw the conclusion that this means anything about General Flynn cooperating against the president." ... read more

Thousands around the U.S. won't be getting a good deal on Black Friday
To make the season more generous, support worker-led movements to transform the low-wage economy. ... read more

Airplane mode: An odd and unsettling era in air travel
Elbow-to-elbow seating, oversized comfort pets, midcabin standoffs — and passengers armed with their smartphones. ... read more

Ex-Mugabe henchman, dubbed 'The Crocodile,' takes office in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe's new leader is Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former guerrilla fighter who is accused of overseeing the deaths of thousands of political opponents. ... read more

Celebrities rally behind teen sentenced to life in prison
The case of a woman sentenced to life in prison when she was just 16 drew the support of major celebrities this week. ... read more

Tiger killed after escaping from Paris circus
A tiger was shot dead in Paris on Friday after escaping from a circus, police said. ... read more

'Still in a stalemate,' top general in Afghanistan says
America's top commander in Afghanistan told NBC News that the war here remains in a "stalemate," but that President Trump's strategy has reversed a decline. ... read more

Should we regulate Facebook? Some lawmakers say yes.
There are new calls in Congress for stronger federal regulation of Facebook, possibly requiring greater transparency and disclosures for digital political ads. ... read more

Why wave power may be the next big thing in green energy
Unlike wind and solar energy, waves are easily forecasted and available 24/7. ... read more

YouTuber may have been doing long-term damage to his kids, experts say
YouTuber Gregory Chism, who ran the channel "Toy Freaks," had his account deactivated after complaints about pranks he played on his daughters. ... read more

Trump loves miners. But critics say he's putting their lives in danger.
Trump has showered the mining industry with support, but the White House is also trying to roll back Obama-era initiatives meant to protect ordinary workers. ... read more

It's binge time: What to stream during Thanksgiving weekend
It's time to gorge on carbs, nestle in on the couch, and treat yourself to dozens of hours in front of your screens. ... read more

Fact check: Democrats claim GOP tax bill slashes $25B from Medicare
Democrats warn Republican tax bills will force a $25 billion annual cut to Medicare. They have a point, but the political reality is more complex. ... read more

Democrats dominate again in Washington state. First up: voting rights.
After winning back the Senate, Washington state Democrats plan to push a progressive agenda, which includes their version of a voting rights act. ... read more

Bail 'disrupters' have a plan to free thousands from U.S. jails
Reformers backed by $30 million from the wealthy and influential have launched The Bail Project, which uses charitable dollars to bail people out of jail. ... read more

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