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Posted: Fri-Apr-2019

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Tenerife cave: Assault on mother and son 'well-planned'
Spanish police hold a German man suspected of premeditated murder in a remote cave. ... read more

SAS pilot walkout leaves thousands stranded
The airline cancels 673 flights affecting more than 72,000 passengers. ... read more

Cyprus: Man confesses to killing seven women and girls
An army officer confesses to killing seven women and girls with a body discovered on Thursday. ... read more

France's Macron responds to yellow vests with promise of reforms
France's president responds to five months of weekly protests against economic inequality. ... read more

P&O sues UK government over no-deal Brexit ferry case
The ferry firm is claiming a rival was unlawfully handed £33m of taxpayers' money. ... read more

'Make EU trade with Brazil sustainable'
600 scientists call on the EU to make trade with Brazil more sustainable to protect the planet. ... read more

Political talks plan for Northern Ireland expected
It is understood the British and Irish governments plan new talks in the wake of Lyra McKee murder. ... read more

Champions League promotion and relegation to be discussed by top clubs
A European football pyramid with promotion and relegation to the Champions League is going to be discussed by the continent's top clubs. ... read more

Atalanta 2-1 Fiorentina (5-4 agg): Bergamo side into first final in 23 years
Atalanta will play Lazio in the Coppa Italia final after beating Fiorentina in their semi-final second leg. ... read more

Getafe frustrate neighbours Real Madrid with 0-0 draw
Getafe pick up a first point against illustrious neighbours Real Madrid since 2012 to boost their Champions League hopes. ... read more

RBS warns of Brexit uncertainty impact as profits fall
The bank says uncertainty over Britain's exit from the EU could "make income growth more challenging". ... read more

Nissan's ex-boss Ghosn leaves Tokyo jail on $4.5m bail
Carlos Ghosn, who faces financial misconduct charges in Japan, is released from custody on bail. ... read more

The squirrels being raised among kittens in Crimea
When a Crimean petting zoo was given four orphaned squirrels, it decided to raise them alongside kittens. ... read more

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrives in Vladivostok ahead of Putin summit
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un arrives in Vladivostok ahead of Thursday's talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. ... read more

How Russia wants to control the internet
Critics say the Russian government's latest controversial cyber laws are a form of censorship. ... read more

Ukraine election: Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky wins
Volodymyr Zelensky has won Ukraine's presidential election, according to exit polls. ... read more

Greta Thunberg: Teen says fight for planet will never stop
Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish activist, addresses the Extinction Rebellion protest in London. ... read more

Europe and nationalism: A country-by-country guide
Ahead of the May European elections, a country-by-country guide to the advance of nationalist parties. ... read more

Maria Butina: Russian gun activist in US conspiracy case
Maria Butina, who has ties to a Russian banker, has pleaded guilty in a plea deal. ... read more

Notre-Dame fire: Has too much money been given to rebuild it?
An early estimate suggests that donations to the iconic cathedral now far surpass the cost of repairs. ... read more

The US economy grew 3.2% in the first quarter, well above the projected 2.1%, but consumer spending and business investment have slowed
The economy grew at a much better than expected rate in the first quarter, the Commerce Department reported Friday, accelerating strongly out of a slow start to the year.
... read more

US stocks open lower as investors digest GDP report
... read more

GM adds 400 jobs in Kentucky to help build the new Corvette
General Motors is planning to build a wild new version of the Corvette — and it plans to hire hundreds of new workers to get the job done.
... read more

Fewer millennials are making it into the middle class
America's middle class families aren't the only ones having a tough time these days.
... read more

Resilience is still the word for stocks
After one of the best first quarters in years, stocks are near records. CNN's Christine Romans explains what warning signs could signal trouble for the historic bull run.
... read more

$4 gas is here. Now what?
Californians are paying more than $4 for a gallon of gas, and prices are creeping up in the rest of the nation, too. The rising costs could start to have ripple effects.
... read more

Trump does apparent reversal on vaccines
President Donald Trump weighed in on the recent measles outbreak in the United States, appearing to do an about-face on his previous claims linking child vaccinations to autism.
... read more

Military families slammed by Trump tax reform demand changes
President Donald Trump has long touted the advantages of his 2017 tax reform bill, but Republicans are now under fire for one of the bill's overlooked consequences: A huge hit for families of fallen service members.
... read more

Analysis: Biden can be a threat to Trump
The first day of Joe Biden's White House bid showed why he could be such a potent threat to Donald Trump -- and also to himself.
... read more

Rev. Graham calls on 2020 Dem to repent for being gay
Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum reacts to a tweet Rev. Franklin Graham posted about 2020 Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg's sexual orientation.
... read more

Opinion: Trump should dump Pence for Haley
President Trump's recent stonewalling tactics, aimed at blocking Congress' ability to follow up on the allegations detailed in the Mueller report, are rooted in the belief that he can run out the clock on the Democrats in the House through the 2020 election. Nonetheless, it's a strategy fraught with peril, and if the President begins to see a significant erosion in his approval numbers from Americans tired of the endless standoff, he might need to reach deep into his bag of tricks to reset the national narrative.
... read more

Warren and Sanders pounce on Biden
Joe Biden is in -- and the knives are out.
... read more

Late night pokes fun at Joe Biden
Late-night comics take aim at former Vice President Joe Biden now that he has officially entered into the 2020 presidential race.
... read more

Congressman threatens Trump officials with jail for refusing to testify
Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly on Thursday threatened jail time for White House officials who are declining to comply with congressional committees' efforts to conduct oversight of President Donald Trump's administration.
... read more

Trump says there was an attempted 'coup'
President Donald Trump called 2016 texts between former FBI officials evidence of an attempted "coup" after a news report showed they were discussing people inside the Trump administration who they could "develop for potential relationships."
... read more

Acting defense secretary calls F-35 fighter jet program 'f----d up'
Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told investigators from the Pentagon's Office of the Inspector General that he called the F-35 fighter jet program "f----d up," but made clear that he wasn't referring to the aircraft itself, which he said was "awesome," according to a Department of Defense report released Thursday.
... read more

Truck driver to face charges after runaway semi plowed into traffic near Denver
A fiery crash involving 12 cars and three semis left multiple people dead and at least six others injured in Colorado, authorities said.
... read more

They signed their confessions with a thumbprint. Then they were executed.
Long before Saudi Arabia announced it had carried out one of the largest mass executions in its history earlier this week, some of the men condemned to death had made impassioned pleas to the courts in a bid to save their lives.
... read more

A series of injustices in 5-year-old's short life
In his five short years, Andrew "AJ" Freund endured more trauma than any child should.
... read more

Coast Guard officer accused of terror attack plot will be released from detention
A federal judge in Maryland said Thursday that Christopher Hasson, a Coast Guard lieutenant accused of plotting a domestic terror attack, will be released from detention.
... read more

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