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Posted: Fri-Feb-2019

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Delay Brexit, three UK ministers urge
Greg Clark, Amber Rudd and David Gauke say extending Article 50 is better than to "crash out" of EU. ... read more

Estonians rescue wild wolf from ice thinking it was a dog
One man described taking the large dog to the vet in his car - before realising the mistake. ... read more

'MI6 conman' Mark Acklom extradited to UK
Mark Acklom is accused of conning a divorcee out of her £850,000 life savings. ... read more

Swede jailed for stealing crown jewels in broad daylight
A 22-year-old man has been sentenced for stealing two gold burial crowns and an orb in broad daylight. ... read more

Russian cemetery gang leaves widow with body out in cold
Told to pay a huge funeral fee, a widow in Samara protested with a coffin outside parliament. ... read more

Deadly cow stampede brings Austrian farmer huge fine
A German woman was trampled to death - and now Austrian farmers fear extra security costs. ... read more

BMW and Daimler invest €1bn in new car venture
The German carmakers combine to develop next-generation pay-per-use and autonomous services. ... read more

Former Swiss officer Johan Cosar sentenced for fighting IS
A former Swiss army officer is convicted for his part in fighting against Islamic State in Syria. ... read more

McLaren F1 staff treated after Barcelona fire
Three members of the McLaren crew are treated by medics after a small fire at the team's garage in pre-season testing in Barcelona. ... read more

Brexit: Theresa May warned dozens of Tories could rebel over no-deal
Downing Street says talks continue "at pace" to get the changes to Theresa May's Brexit deal demanded by MPs. ... read more

Chelsea transfer ban: Club to appeal against Fifa decision
Chelsea have been banned from signings during the next two transfer windows for breaching rules in relation to youth players, Fifa announces. ... read more

'I think it could get worse' - US spy suspect
Paul Whelan, a former US marine accused of spying in Russia, has spoken to the BBC for the first time since his arrest. ... read more

Zenit FC greeted by spectacular flaming honour guard
Zenit FC players rolled into their home stadium in spectacular fashion, thanks to the fans. ... read more

The Independent Group: The breakdown on the breakaway MPs
MPs from the Tories and Labour have resigned and formed a new political group, but what do they want? ... read more

Insects decline: What do insects actually do?
Reports show many insect populations are declining. How will that affect us? ... read more

Snow patrol drones save skiers from icy death
For people buried in an avalanche, it's a race against time. Could a drone find you sooner? ... read more

Is equal pay actually possible?
Around the world, women tend to be paid less than men. Is Iceland's innovative strategy likely to pay off? ... read more

Why nations face dilemma over IS fighters' children
The children, whose parents were Islamic State members, are at the centre of an international battle. ... read more

Erasmus: What will happen to scheme after Brexit?
People expecting to study abroad in Erasmus programmes next year have received warnings about the funding. ... read more

Olives pitting US against EU in global trade fight
Are US tariffs on Spanish olives a pretext for a bigger challenge to world trade? ... read more

The President intends to play an active role in the Democratic primary
One presidential candidate is following the Democratic primary fight far closer than you might imagine. His name is Donald J. Trump.
... read more

Klobuchar says she supports legalizing marijuana
Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar in a statement on Friday said she supports legalizing marijuana.
... read more

She ate salad with comb, told staffer to clean it, NYT reports
The New York Times reports that Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) berated a staffer after they forgot her eating utensils, ate her salad with a hair comb then directed a staffer to clean it.
... read more

Hillary Clinton met with Biden on 2020
Hillary Clinton held meetings in early February with former Vice President Joe Biden and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar to talk about the 2020 presidential election, a source close to the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee tells CNN.
... read more

Biden's experience sets him apart. It could also hurt him
If former Vice President Joe Biden enters the 2020 race, his more than four-decades-long career in Washington will face fresh scrutiny, including his work on criminal justice and financial reform issues.
... read more

Opinion: What 2020 Dems can't afford to ignore about Bernie
Sen. Bernie Sanders launched his second presidential bid on Tuesday and turned heads by raising $5.9 million right out of the gate. Within 24 hours of his announcement, more than 223,000 people had donated to the campaign. The numbers easily outpaced his rivals. Sen. Kamala Harris, for instance, raised $1.5 million in 24 hours, while Sen. Amy Klobuchar received $1 million in donations in the first 48 hours of her campaign launch.
... read more

Analysis: This Republican governor sounds like he is going to take on Trump in 2020
The political world is focused on the ever-growing Democratic 2020 field, all jockeying for their chance to beat President Donald Trump next November. But it looks increasingly likely that Trump is going to have to clear a major hurdle before he even gets there: A primary challenge from Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan.
... read more

Analysis: It's almost like Howard Schultz isn't even trying
Howard Schultz would like to be president. Which means that he believes that he, among the 300+ million people in this country, is uniquely suited to leading us.
... read more

The White House's collusion argument is nonsensical
On Friday morning, this exchange happened between White House press secretary Sarah Sanders and CNN's Joe Johns:
... read more

Mueller might tell all in his filing on Manafort
Friday may be the day that special counsel Robert Mueller tells all in the long-running court saga of Paul Manafort's prosecution.
... read more

Trump responds to arrest of man who prosecutors say is a white supremacist
President Trump responded to the arrest of Christopher Paul Hasson, who is alleged to be a white supremacist, that had a hit list that included prominent Democratic politicians as well as several journalists from CNN and MSNBC.
... read more

Justice Dept. official: Mueller report not expected next week
Special counsel Robert Mueller is not expected to deliver his report on the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election next week, a Justice Department official briefed on the plans told CNN.
... read more

Trump picks new UN ambassador
President Donald Trump said Friday he intends to nominate the current American ambassador to Canada to be the new US ambassador to the United Nations.
... read more

US gets closer to defunding Planned Parenthood
The US Department of Health and Human Services issued its draft final rule to revise the Title X family planning program Friday, jeopardizing a decades-old program that serves millions of low-income people, critics say.
... read more

Lindsey Graham changes tune on Trump's strategy
President Donald Trump has agreed to keep about 400 US troops in Syria after the withdrawal of most US forces there this spring, a senior administration official said. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.
... read more

McConnell may face longest 18 days of his political life
Mitch McConnell's life is about to get a lot more complicated.
... read more

Venezuelan military kills woman in standoff over aid, mayor says
Venezuelan soldiers killed at least one person and injured a dozen others on Friday near the Brazilian border in a standoff with a local indigenous community over international aid entering the country, according to a local mayor.
... read more

Turpin parents plead guilty to multiple charges, including torture
The parents who held their 13 children captive inside their California home pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including torture, on Friday, prosecutors said.
... read more

Patriots owner Robert Kraft accused of soliciting sex. Police say there's video of it
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being charged with two counts of soliciting someone to commit prostitution, stemming from a raid in a day spa in Florida, police said Friday.
... read more

See Trump's response to Kraft's charges
President Trump responded to the news that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being charged with two counts of soliciting someone to commit prostitution, stemming from a raid in a day spa in Florida, police said.
... read more

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